During a packed press conference, several speakers revealed what can be expected for the 2019 editions of Ventura Future, in partnership with BASE Milano, and Ventura Centrale. Many new plans were presented and exhibition proposals shared. If you missed it, don’t panic, this press release will bring you up to speed and get you ready for April’s design explosion!
Milan, 15 February 2019




During a packed press conference, several speakers revealed what can be expected for the 2019 editions of Ventura Future, in partnership with BASE Milano, and Ventura Centrale. Many new plans were presented and exhibition proposals shared. If you missed it, don’t panic, this press release will bring you up to speed and get you ready for April’s design explosion!

Ventura Projects & BASE Milano press conference, photo credits: Claudio Grassi


This year Ventura Projects celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over these ten years the Ventura Projects format has resulted in many special design events in Milan as well as in other major design cities. At the foundation of Ventura Projects’ success is the ability to select outstanding design stories and the imaginative quality to match these with the right exhibition locations. It’s impossible to imagine Milan Design Week without a Ventura Projects event. In the past ten years these events have become the place to scout new talent and discover the future of design. The format has often renewed itself, from experimental festival-like fairs in the Lambrate area to high-end installations around the central train station – always with the city of Milan in a leading role.

"Milan not only embodies design but the city lives and breathes its key principles. Milan is the perfect environment with its generous curiosity for the new and unknown and its loving affection for the aesthetics of the established."Margriet Vollenberg, founder and art director of Ventura Projects

Margriet Vollenberg, photo credits: Claudio Grassi
Tasting edible perfume by SOM tales of perfume, photo credits: Claudio Grassi

The last two editions of Ventura Centrale were a must-see on the Design Week itinerary thanks to their outstanding exhibitions and were applauded for rejuvenating the area around the train tracks. All the more reason to extend its exhibition territory from 9 to 16 vaults this year. Ventura Centrale’s pioneering sister Ventura Future has found a new location. For its 2nd edition, Ventura Future’s exhibitors will gather in one of the most noted Design Week neighbourhoods: Tortona. Here, Ventura Future exhibits on 3,700m2 and is inaugurating a special partnership and collaboration with BASE Milano, the former Ansaldo industrial area which is today the new creative beating heart of the district. Both share an inexhaustible desire for development that makes the partnership a perfect match.

About Ventura Projects
Ventura Projects are curated exhibition areas – organised by Utrecht- and Milan-based company Organisation in Design – that cover the latest developments in contemporary design. Each Ventura Project consists of carefully selected exhibitions and often offers a platform for temporary initiatives, special projects and/or creative concepts. Whether as a major exhibition at a design district or an integrated exhibition within another event, Ventura Projects stand out with their focus on content, creativity and experimentation. Since the start of Ventura Lambrate in Milan in 2010, the Ventura Projects family has vastly expanded worldwide and includes exhibitions in Milan, Berlin, London, Kortrijk, New York and Dubai.
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Diederik Schneemann, photo credits: Aldwin van Krimpen
Mash.T Design, photo credits: Russel Scott


Designers are storymakers pur sang. Over the last years there has been a detectable shift from the designer of objects to the designer of stories. Ventura Projects has always been at the forefront of this development. The Ventura Future visitors will bear witness to numerous projects that question present-day global affairs. For instance by Isabelle Sanchez Jacques, a young Mexican-American artist, who will invite the public to consume homemade Mexican dishes while listening to anecdotal stories from migrant workers, thereby questioning issues like heritage and intolerance between cultures. She is not the only one working with food.

"The future is such a big and overwhelming concept, yet it is something all of us deal with. With Ventura Future we aim to inspire visitors with a very tangible representation of the future. It is stimulating, instructive, mind boggling and informative. Visitors can be time travellers for a day and see, feel, smell, sense what the future holds."  - Fulvia Ramogida, Sr. Project and Relationship Manager of Ventura Projects

Food is a great tool to evoke personal memories. The same applies to scent. At Ventura Future, SOM tales of perfume (The Netherlands) will present a fragrant experience. The visitor can move through a composition of 100 wooden pieces that are infused with various components of pure botanical perfume. The visitor will be treated to a deconstructed personal scent expedition. Diederik Schneemann (The Netherlands) is equally interested in the concept of personal memory and specifically in the human desire to collect. For his presentation the collection Collection, Schneemann searches for discarded unique collections – from matchboxes to perfume bottles – that he transforms into new objects, telling stories of early memories and youth sentiments. Mjo Thabisa of Mash.T Design Studio (South Africa) is paying homage to the women in South Africa who look after their homes with great care and devotion. Thabisa is showing their usage of simple materials and old craft skills in contemporary designs.

Atelier Boelhouwer

Another topic that will be thoroughly explored during this edition of Ventura Future is biodesign. With the support of the Embassy and the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Milan and curated by Organisation in Design, the project Future (H)eart(H): 7 Dutch Design visions for a livable earth takes you into a world filled with concrete base flowers that help preserve the ‘big 5 of pollination’ (Matilde Boelhouwer); it proposes ways of using synthetic biology to create organs that can replace the animal products used in traditional Chinese medicine (Kuang-Yi Ku); and it shows biodegradable urns that give our loved ones back to nature in a responsible way (Nienke Hoogvliet). All seven projects will show the latest developments in bio and conscious design.

A Ventura Projects connoisseur knows there’s no Milan Design Week without the presence of a selection of world-leading design academies. Ventura Future welcomes some new schools such as Institute of Industrial Design (Switzerland) and some frequent participants such as Central Saint Martins (UK), Royal College of Arts (UK), UMPRUM (Czech Republic) and University of Iowa 3D Design Program (US). The freedom that design students have to explore current topics never fails to excite. Design School Kolding (Denmark) asks the question in their exhibition: Where do we feel at home? They will visualise the relationships between mobile personal objects and the ideas of home in the presentation A home is a home is a home.

Media partner DesignWanted has launched a design talent competition in cooperation with Ventura Projects. ExpoWanted is the biggest Instagram design contest that will bring 10 winning designers from all around the world to Ventura Future at the Milan Design Week 2019. The jury consists of Mirco Pasqualini, Head of Design at Ogilvy; Aleks Tatic, founder of Tatic Designstudio; Sarah Wayne Callies, actress and design passionate; Fabio Colturri, founder of Haigō, and Margriet Vollenberg, founder and art director of Ventura Projects. Please note: the call is still open until 28 February.

BASE Milano
Starting from its aim to be a 'learning machine’, BASE Milano chooses to explore ‘un-learning / re-learning’ as the main theme of 2019 Design Week, through installations, talks and workshops. Various designers and innovators will be involved, imagining the most cutting-edge ‘school of the future’ by questioning traditional learning methods and thinking about the role that the creative and cultural sector may have in this process.
For more information and the complete list of designers involved click here:

For a list of the confirmed Ventura Future 2019 exhibitors click here.


BASE Milano (2 entrances)
Via Tortona 54, 20144, Milan, Italy
Via Bergognone 34, 20144, Milan, Italy

Press Preview
Monday 8 April: 10:00 – 19:00
Register for the Press Preview by sending an e-mail with the subject ‘RSVP Ventura Future Press Preview’ to

Opening hours:
Tuesday 9 April – Saturday 13 April: 09:30 – 20:00
Wednesday 10 April (Open evening): 20:00 – 22:00
Sunday 14 April: 09:30 – 18:00

Tickets for Ventura Future will be on sale from Monday 25 February via an online ticketing system. A dedicated newsletter will be sent on the same day. The entrance fee is 5 euros and the ticket provides access to the Ventura Future and BASE exhibitions and to the evening events of BASE throughout Milan Design Week, from 9 - 14 April.

Press members can request credentials for the event by sending an e-mail with the subject ‘Press ticket Ventura Future’ to Press members will be added to a guest list and can collect their ticket at the press desk during Milan Design Week.

About Ventura Future
Last year Ventura Projects launched the successful first edition of Ventura Future, an exhibition area packed full of revolutionary, innovative and ground-breaking design focused on future visions by international designers, design studios, companies and academies. In 2018 the event took place in three locations in the Loreto district, namely Loft, FuturDome and former pharmacy faculty of Viale Abruzzi. This year Ventura Future is brought back to the Tortona district in partnership with BASE Milano.

About BASE Milano
Located in the ex-Ansaldo former industrial area, BASE Milano is a cultural project aimed at promoting innovation, life-long learning and cross-pollination in the creative industries. The industrial complex consists of 12,000 square metres divided over three floors. Since its opening in 2016, BASE has hosted multiple businesses and events in the design, film, fashion, music and technology field. Its mission is to establish new and improved connections between different art forms, disciplines and languages, and to boost Milan’s status among the great capitals of creative production.
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Gerrit Rietveld for Lensvelt
Modular Lighting Instruments


The 16 vaults under the Ventura Centrale train station will this year be host to: Maarten Baas (The Netherlands), Aria (Italy), Noroo Group (Korea), AGC (Japan), Lavazza and Gufram (Italy), Rapt Studio (US), Sky-Frame (Switzerland), Lensvelt & Modular (The Netherlands, Belgium), Weltevree (The Netherlands), FREITAG (Switzerland), TAKT PROJECT (Japan), Yamaha Corporation Design Laboratory (Japan), Cosentino (Spain), Humanscale (US), DNP (Japan), dpot modern and contemporary Brazilian furniture (Brazil).

During the press conference Lensvelt presented the plans for their second Ventura Centrale presentation. Together with Modular Lighting Instruments they will exhibit a furniture collection by an eminent list of designers, architects and artists like Maarten van Severen, OMA, Gerrit Rietveld, Maarten Baas, Fabio Novembre and many more. The theatrical scenery will be designed by JPS Architects.

The Salone del Mobile debutant Rapt Studio (US) will explore the emotions of connection in the interactive installation Tell me more at Ventura Centrale. Upon arrival, visitors will encounter drapery-clad "stages", within which each person is asked to answer a question posed by the stranger who has preceded them. The guests will next move into a lounge, where they are encouraged to strike up a conversation with the people all around. For the presentation the studio is working together with Rich Brilliant Willing, Moooi Carpets, Mae Engelgeer, Erik Bruce, Dzine, Sancal, Blå Station and The Bradley Collection.

Tell Me More by Rapt Studio

"In the depths of the historical Ventura Centrale, we interpret how the train station connects people, places, and cultures. We entice people to stay a while, to linger, and connect" – David Galullo, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Rapt Studio

And last, but certainly not least, Ventura Centrale will host the world premiere and a special project featuring the latest work by internationally renowned designer Maarten Baas. During Milan Design Week, Baas will confront and entertain visitors with his artistic interpretation of what he has dubbed the 'attention economy'.

For a complete list of Ventura Centrale 2019 exhibitors click here.


Via Ferrante Aporti 9, 20125, Milan, Italy

Opening hours:
Tuesday 9 April – Saturday 13 April: 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday 14 April: 10:00 – 18:00

Press Preview
Monday 8 April: 15:00 – 19:00

Register for the Press Preview by sending an e-mail with the subject ‘RSVP Ventura Centrale Press Preview’ to

About Ventura Centrale
Ventura Centrale is returning this year for its third edition. The massive industrial warehouses under the Milan Central Station will once again be filled with majestic installations by renowned international companies, design labels and studios. Since its start in 2017 Ventura Centrale has been expanding each year; from eight abandoned warehouses in 2017, to nine warehouses in 2018 and to sixteen vaults this year.

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