10 April 2019

Milano Design Week 2019
Day 4: Friends, Fries and Future


To start the day with the sight of queuing visitors at Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future before the doors open in the morning is heartwarming. Another day for people to get inspired by design installations and products of the future! I like!

I, myself, am running from meeting to meeting. The first one of the day was with the Singapore Design Council, who I have come to known very well over the years. Then with Architonic, the amazing media platform and partner for many years. And, very excitingly, with the design department of Google.

At Ventura Future people are lining up for the BEST ‘friet van Piet’ (thick cut fries) in town. Piet, head chef of the fries operation, is cutting potatoes like a crazy man to make sure all the Ventura Future visitors can get a taste of his golden crispy pieces of love.
Once at Ventura Centrale I had time to catch up with Maarten Baas at his exhibition ‘I Think Therefore I Was’. His installation is composed of 160 video screens all showing videos of people saying ‘I Think...’. So good to see Maarten presenting what Maarten does best; all the solutions in the realm of art or actually somewhere between art, theatre and design, and where these disciplines overlap, or kind of blend together in a way. Bravo! So good to have you back.

It’s about time to pop into Weltevree for a well-deserved drink at their funky pool party!

Margriet Vollenberg
Founder and art director of Ventura Projects

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