Now less than a month away, Ventura Future (9 - 14 April, 2019) is pleased to highlight a few more names from its long list of exhibitors. In April, Ventura Future will be the place where designers will question the role of identity and culture in contemporary design. It also serves as a laboratory where students from 18design academies all over the world will showcase their take on the future of the planet. It will be home to a handful of the best returning exhibitors. And it is the breeding ground for striking advancements in biotechnology.
Milan, 20 March 2019




Now less than a month away, Ventura Future (9 - 14 April, 2019) is pleased to highlight a few more names from its long list of exhibitors. In April, Ventura Future will be the place where designers will question the role of identity and culture in contemporary design. It also serves as a laboratory where students from 18design academies all over the world will showcase their take on the future of the planet. It will be home to a handful of the best returning exhibitors. And it is the breeding ground for striking advancements in biotechnology.

Rhode Island School of Design in collaboration with MABEO, photo credits Ayumi Trubschenck

For the exhibition Nomen Oblitum (Latin for ‘forgotten name’) the design studio Molenore (Turkey) draws from stories of historical female figures which were suppressed in order to preserve the status quo. Such as Hypatia of Alexandria, a mathematician, philosopher and astronomer who lived during the Roman Era, who was murdered and whose work vanished. Her legacy is captured in an ellipse-and-parabola bookshelf that refers to Hypatia’s academic works and research.

Thirteen students from Rhode Island School of Design’s Department of Furniture Design (US) participated in a research studio to unpack notions of cultural identity within the realm of contemporary design. Drawing inspiration from Africa, the students worked together with Peter Mabeo and Mabeo Furniture, a furniture and accessories brand based in Botswana. The results include an installation that is inspired by traditionally woven Tswana baskets (Zac Banik); seating surfaces that, through physical discomfort for its user, unveil the biases and stereotypes one holds (Will Chouinard); and personal interpretations of patterns, symbols and narratives that can be found on traditional Kuba cloths (Ayumi Trubschenck).

Amalia Shem Tov, photo credits Nimrod Saunders

Every society has forbidden subjects. The students of VIA Design, VIA University College (Denmark) will showcase furniture inspired by, or as comments on, the various kinds of taboos they confront in their daily lives. The designs they are presenting derive from very different taboos like sorrow, love/sex between the elderly, fetish, inadequacy and obesity.

Preparing and cooking food symbolises a turning point of human evolution, when man became a social and cultural being. Nowadays, the modern chef surrounds himself with advanced products that provide immediate results. The Israeli Amalia Shem Tov has examined the history of cooking utensils from an ancient period until today. By going back to the primary processes she reveals the emotional and cultural relationship to food.

Lechler S.P.A., photo credits sp'au
Officine Tamborrino e Knauf, photo credits Officine Tamborrino

The 10th anniversary of Ventura Projects in Milan is being celebrated with some the most appreciated returning exhibitors. The Dutch art and design duo Wandschappen showed its signature work in 2017 at Ventura Lambrate and returns to Ventura Future with Soundscapes; a collection of artworks that improve the acoustic quality of spaces. The pieces are custom made of wool with an inner sound system of recycled wool and are developed with Kvadrat materials.

Another regular being welcomed back under the Ventura umbrella is colour expert Lechler S.p.A. (Italy). The company, in partnership with industrial designer Francesca Valan, dives into the language of colour with the exhibition COLOR DESIGN - The Way of Nature. By tapping into the latest colour trends and chemical developments, the series integrates nature and technology, creating a new dimension of the ideal habitat. Also back on the scene is Officine Tamborrino (Italy), in this edition together with Knauf and Scaffsystem. The steel manufacturer combines true Italian aesthetic and artisanal values for its exhibition CASACADABRA, where architecture and design merge to build the ideal house.

Wasatch Design Collective, photo credits Joshua Siebert
Weißensee School of Art and Design, photo credits Simon von Schmude

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle (Germany) presents The Burg Roadshow: a selection of student projects from within the departments of Industrial Design, Textile Design and Interior Architecture. The exhibitions will show the public tailor-made 100% thermoplastic footwear that can be manufactured directly on the user’s feet; along with explorations of the cultural diversity of widows’ clothing around the world; as well as research on the possibility of creating a machine that has a moral sensibility by using an algorithm that synthetically generates religions by combining existing religions.

Food is always a gratifying subject to work with and around. The students of Weißensee School of Art and Design Berlin (Germany) explore the technical developments of our daily cup of joe. They investigate whether the technological ‘progress’ in coffee preparation actually results in better experiences for its consumer and develop alternative coffee preparations that use high-tech in an enriching way. And the Wasatch Design Collective (USA) is designing folded food for the upcoming Ventura Future exhibition: exploring traditional origami methods to prepare, package and serve food.

Royal College of Art / Design Products, photo credits Marta Sternberg
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, photo credits Robert Hahn


Royal College of Art / Design Products (UK) is bringing a selection of ongoing student work to showcase emergent designers’ vision of design. The proposed projects encourage discourse within and beyond the current boundaries of design, for instance by seeking new applications for London’s factory waste, by designing products that give back control to users and by creating new electronic devices that are easily repairable by their owners. This exhibition also showcases projects in collaboration with leading mobile technology company OPPO, which explore new applications of mobile technology accelerated by 5G. These design proposals navigate a future that is seamlessly connected, enhanced by design and embracing humanity.  

Full list of participating schools and academies: Academie Artemis (The Netherlands), Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design (Germany), Royal College of Art / Design Products (UK), Design School Kolding (Denmark), Institute of Industrial Design, FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel (Switzerland), Krabbesholm Højskole (Demark), Material Futures, Central Saint Martins, UAL (UK), Pforzheim University Soda + Industrial Design (Germany) Strategic Design MSC Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), Rhode Island School Of Design Department Of Furniture Design (USA), Réseau des écoles supérieures d’art du Grand Est (France), UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (Czech Republic), Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU (Spain), Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain), University of Iowa 3D Design Program (USA), VIA Design, VIA University College (Denmark), Wasatch Design Collective (USA), Weißensee School of Art and Design Berlin (Germany).

Shahar Livne Design, photo credits Alan Boom
Studio Klarenbeek & Dros with Krown, photo credits Erik Klarenbeek
An 8-strong line-up brings you Future (H)eart(H): 8 Dutch Design visions for a liveable earth – the latest developments on biotechnology in contemporary design. The selected exhibitors are Pascale Theron Studio, Atelier Boelhouwer, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet, Shahar Livne Design, Studio Tinus, Kuang-Yi Ku, Philipp Kollmann and Studio Klarenbeek & Dros with Krown and Atelier Luma. The visitor will be amazed by the unusual and alternative materials used for the designs, e.g. leather made of fat, bones and blood-driven materials from the waste streams of slaughterhouses; hand-woven fabrics made using ostrich feather yarn; and construction materials made from manure. The exhibition is curated by Organisation in Design and organised in partnership with the Embassy and the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Milan.
BASE Milano (2 entrances)
Via Tortona 54, 20144, Milan, Italy
Via Bergognone 34, 20144, Milan, Italy

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About Ventura Future
Last year Ventura Projects launched the successful first edition of Ventura Future, an exhibition area packed full of revolutionary, innovative and ground-breaking design focused on future visions by international designers, design studios, companies and academies. In 2018 the event took place in three locations in the Loreto district, namely Loft, FuturDome and former pharmacy faculty of Viale Abruzzi. This year Ventura Future is brought back to the Tortona district in partnership with BASE Milano.

About BASE Milano
Located in the ex-Ansaldo former industrial area, BASE Milano is a cultural project aimed at promoting innovation, life-long learning and cross-pollination in the creative industries. The industrial complex consists of 12,000 square metres divided over three floors. Since its opening in 2016, BASE has hosted multiple businesses and events in the design, film, fashion, music and technology field. Its mission is to establish new and improved connections between different art forms, disciplines and languages, and to boost Milan’s status among the great capitals of creative production.
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Ventura Projects are curated exhibition areas – organised by Utrecht- and Milan-based company Organisation in Design – that cover the latest developments in contemporary design. Each Ventura Project consists of carefully selected exhibitions and often offers a platform for temporary initiatives, special projects and/or creative concepts. Whether as a major exhibition at a design district or an integrated exhibition within another event, Ventura Projects stand out with their focus on content, creativity and experimentation. Since the start of Ventura Lambrate in Milan in 2010, the Ventura Projects family has vastly expanded worldwide and includes exhibitions in Milan, Berlin, London, Kortrijk, New York and Dubai.
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