12 April 2019

Milano Design Week 2019
Day 6: Back to the future


Back to the future today! After a few days of running around, today I had the time to really spend some quality time with the 83 projects that are on view at Ventura Future. I was thrilled to talk to many of the designers because these projects are so interesting and so thought-provoking that it would be a total waste to rush through them.

My team and I carefully curated all the exhibitions and it’s wonderful to see everything come together. One of those great projects is by Enis Akiev, a young designer from Germany with a strong responsible message. Her Plastic Stone Tiles are made of waste plastic and offer a natural look that can be mistaken for actual stone. And also by Grupo Alma from Chile, a group of designers that intensively research materials. They present amongst other beautiful lamps made with horse hair.

I found the design platform StudentDesign, by Max Hochstenbach and Guido Lok, very inspiring. Their ambition is to dust off old (student) projects, give them a second life and let people rediscover them. For Ventura Future they helped to put into production the project of Pietro, Paolo and Simone from NABA University. ‘Peel Saver’ is french fries packaging that’s made of potato peel, offering a tasty and sustainable solution for your favourite snack.
All day long I’ve been bumping into old exhibitors, current partners, befriended journalists and other Milano crowds that I’ve come to know over the 20 years that I have been working in the design world. Tonight I’m getting the whole team together for a well deserved dinner. Such a successful week! Such an amazing team! I’m proud!

Margriet Vollenberg
Founder and art director of Ventura Projects

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