14 April 2019

Milano Design Week 2019
Day 7 & 8: It's a wrap!


All good things comes to an end! We celebrated our 10th anniversary with a record of visitors, a catalogue of amazing reactions and a long list of happy exhibitors. I can easily say these editions of both Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale were a great success!!!

During the weekend I hopped into our VIP van to cruise the city. Like everyone at the end of this week, the exhaustion is also getting to me, so having a personal driver was a blessing. I got a little taste of the design bomb that exploded over the city at the exhibitions of Alcova, Isola, Wallpaper, and - unfortunately - only a few more.

There was just too little time to see all. Besides this, Saturday was the busiest day on both of our locations and I bumped into so many design friends, I barely got away. If I asked for the highlights of people’s design week, the Ventura Projects were always mentioned. This recognition and positive feedback means a lot to me!
Last night, after a lovely dinner with Milanese friends and the team, I went to the epic closing party of Barnaba Fornasetti. This generous and incredible artist opened his house again and there was a marvelous DJ as always. Even though I come to his parties every year, it’s always a pleasure to sneak around in his one-of-a-kind house.
I want to use this last blog to express my gratitude. These last ten years of Ventura Projects have been a real journey that I spent with so many interesting and lovely people. Showing all this great design and important ideas never gets boring. A big thanks to my kick-ass team; to all the exhibitors; to all the journalists that wrote and reported about the events; and of course to all the visitors! Hope to see you all next year in such great numbers. Baci!!!

Margriet Vollenberg
Founder and art director of Ventura Projects

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