Ventura Projects is proud to announce the recognition of Ventura New York – the Dutch edition as “Best Country
13 June 2019

Ventura New York - the Dutch edition wins for "Best Country" at ICFF’s Inaugural Constellation Awards


NEW YORK – Ventura Projects is proud to announce the recognition of Ventura New York the Dutch edition as "Best Country" in the category "Best Country or Contingent" in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair’s (ICFF) inaugural Constellation Awards, presented by Contract Magazine. The 2,500 ft2 exhibition brought together 17 of The Netherlands’ most innovative contemporary designers, studios and brands, both emerging and established, to showcase their typically Dutch approach across many disciplines – textile and fashion, furniture and food, sustainability and bio-design.

Ventura Projects is delighted that the signature qualities of Dutch design like experimental technologies, unconventional solutions, and a whimsical yet down-to-earth approach were so enthusiastically received by ICFF visitors, and celebrated by the Constellation Awards inaugural jury.

Ventura New York - the Dutch edition wins 'Best Country' at ICFF Constellation Award. From left to right: Jan Willem de Laive, Antonia Wormer, Ruben van Megen, Margriet Vollenberg, Carlijn Bosch and Rick Tegelaar. Photo credits: Jenna Bascom Photography

Founder and Art Director of Ventura Projects, Margriet Vollenberg, says: "We are honored to receive the recognition of this prestigious jury, and thrilled that the wit and unconventionality of Dutch design have found a welcoming audience in the American design community. The Netherlands produces designers with a powerful global perspective, designers who present ideas as well as products, and we are eager to highlight more of their distinctive thinking on the international stage of NYCxDESIGN again next year."

Cartoni Design and Rademakers Gallery. Photo credits: Aldo Soligno
Studio Kalff. Photo credits: Aldo Soligno

In addition to the 38,000+ industry and public visitors who attend ICFF each year, Ventura New York – the Dutch edition attracted the admiration of some of design’s most insightful media outlets. Core77 lauded how the exhibition "brought a bright, joyous and material-focused perspective to NYCxDesign," and Paper City highlighted how the featured designers challenged status quo, noting that the works on display "look nothing like the classic mid-20th century creations we recognize from the region."

Dolph Hogewoning, Consul General of the Netherlands in New York, notes that "Ventura New York - the Dutch Edition is the culmination of years of work in an effort to nurture and support Dutch designers outside European borders. Dutch design solidified its cultural position already many years ago, and I am thrilled that it is growing into a sustainable business model where the United States has become a natural export market."

Panel of ICFF Talk 'The Dutch Touch'. From left to right: Rick Tegelaar, Vincent van Herk, Antonia Wormer, Rebecca Thienes (moderator), Marijn Muller, Margriet Vollenberg and Jasper Udink ten Cate. Photo credits: Aldo Soligno
New Citizen Design with Julia Knoeff. Photo credits: Aldo Soligno

We would like to thank our partners, the exhibitors and the visitors of ICFF for a great design event. Ventura Projects looks forward to maintaining and deepening the relationship between Dutch design and the American market emphasized by Ventura New York – the Dutch edition‘s success at ICFF.

To learn more about the exhibition, hear from the people behind the project, and experience the designs on display, be sure to view Ventura Projects’ video of Ventura New York - the Dutch edition 2019. Inquirers may also rea
d more about the exhibitors here and download the press kit here.

Exhibitors of Ventura New York - the Dutch edition
Aleksandra Gaca, arianeSké, Artifort, Cartoni Design, Cascando, Creative Chef Studio, Hollands Licht, Jalila Essaïdi,  JEE-O, New Citizen Design, Rick Tegelaar, Ruben van Megen, Studio HENK, Studio Kalff, Studio Lilian van Daal, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet and WoOL Amsterdam.

Partners of Ventura New York - the Dutch edition
Ventura New York - the Dutch edition is a continuing partnership between Organisation in Design – known for the globally celebrated Ventura Projects events - and the Dutch Culture USA program of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York. Their shared mission to guide and support Dutch designers in establishing lasting relations with the US market has resulted in this third edition. Ventura New York – the Dutch edition is supported by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York as part of the Dutch Culture USA program, Creative Industries Fund NL, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Creative #olland, Brabant C, Dutch Design Foundation and Organisation in Design.

About Organisation in Design & Ventura Projects
Organisation in Design curates exhibitions and exhibition areas under the name ‘Ventura Projects’ which present the latest developments in contemporary design and often offer a platform for temporary initiatives, special projects and/or creative concepts. Ventura Projects stand out with their focus on content, creativity and experimentation. Since the start of Ventura Lambrate in Milan in 2010, the Ventura Projects family has vastly expanded worldwide and now includes exhibitions in Milan, Berlin, London, Kortrijk, New York and Dubai.

About the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York
The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York is the official Dutch representation for the North East corridor in the United States for consular and economic affairs. Specific economic interests include the fields of creative industries, smart cities, tech startups and water management. As head office for cultural affairs, the Consulate serves the whole United States through its Dutch Culture USA program, with a focus on Dutch arts and culture, the creative industries, and shared cultural heritage. Every year during NYCxDESIGN, the Consulate’s economic and cultural departments join forces and act as intermediaries between the Dutch and American design worlds, and promote the exchange of shared interests in experimental, forward-thinking and innovative design.

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