7 April 2019

Milano Design Week 2019
Day 1: Build up


And BOOM, I’ve touched base again! For the 10th time the team and I are about to open two Ventura Projects events at the Milan Design Week. It’s crazy to think that the journey started a decade (a decade!!) ago, in the Lambrate area, with a dozen exhibitors and an untamable ambition. Little did I know that ten years later we would be host to some of the biggest brands such as Yamaha, FREITAG, Cosentino, Lavazza and Gufram and that we would be celebrating design with future talents such as the students of Royal College of Art, Enis Akiev, UNIQKA and Kans op Hagel.

Even though the events have grown, I still like to get my hands dirty during these build-up days, making sure everything looks perfetto.


It’s a great feeling seeing all exhibitors getting ready for the week, putting up the projects that they've been working on so hard. And, not to forget, to hear the crazy design week preparation stories, like how the director of Weltevree is bringing a family of tadpoles all the way from his pond in the Netherlands to the exhibition in Milan. Or how Switzerland nearly had its own design week on the highway, where many of our exhibitors were stuck because of the heavy snowfall.


We thought we were fully organised - in fact it's all in the name Organisation in Design - but then you discover the press bracelets are still on a desk in The Netherlands... Big shoot to our Dutch exhibitor at Ventura Future, Creative Chef, who managed to bring the left package still in time for the Press Preview tomorrow!

The whole team has arrived, the family is complete. Today it’s all about tidying-up, dotting the i’s and crossing the t's, so we’re ready for the press preview and grand opening tomorrow. To commemorate the long collaboration with Maarten Baas, I like to finish this blog by saying: I THINK..... it’s going to be a pretty amazing week!

Margriet Vollenberg
Founder and art director of Ventura Projects

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