ALEKSANDRA GACA, the Netherlands

Woven Solutions
Textile designer Aleksandra Gaca is taking weaving into new territory. On show are her innovative, award-winning 3D-woven textiles that provide tactical, visual and auditory experiences.  

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ARIANESKÉ, the Netherlands

Seating comfort is the inspiration for furniture brand arianeSké. Starting with contemporary dining chairs, arianeSké expanded their collection with (dining) tables, benches and sofas.

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ARTIFORT, the Netherlands

Inspirational design since 1890

Art and comfort have been the key features of the world-famous brand Artifort since 1890. Characterized by innovative, colourful and timeless design with recognizable elements.

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CARTONI DESIGN, the Netherlands

Good Design is Sustainable, Great Design is Responsible
Cartoni is an Amsterdam-based design label. We are the solution to your sustainability issues. The designs contain no toxic materials and are produced from recycled material.

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CASCANDO, the Netherlands

Cascando: complementing your world of work

Work should be great. For everyone. Cascando is a world-class producer of innovative workplace accessories and acoustic furniture. Complementing your world of work. By design.

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Food and perception as a creative designing method

Food and perception as a creative designing method. Studio Creative Chef combines its knowledge of product design and food to create new meaningful experiences, artworks and designs.

HOLLANDS LICHT, the Netherlands

Today’s Dutch Design in Lighting

Hollands Licht presents new innovative Lighting Designs from award winning Dutch Designers.  We emphasise the combination of  Design, Functionality and Light Comfort in our products.

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JALILA ESSAIDI, the Netherlands

Mestic: Creating a fashionable way to protect the planet.
Mestic® is all about the hidden beauty of manure. Turning an acute agricultural waste problem into a new sustainable source of raw materials for the fashion industry.

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JEE-O, the Netherlands

JEE-O presents unique bathrooms
The JEE-O bathroom concepts, based on minimalistic, industrial, durable and timeless designs, are part of the customers’ lifestyle and give them an energising experience.

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NEW CITIZEN DESIGN, the Netherlands

Hello New Citizen
New Citizen Design presents and sells ‘conversation design pieces’ from their unique design concept of the new citizen: metropolitans on the forefront of shaping future urban spaces.

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RICK TEGELAAR, the Netherlands

A research on printing Colback yarn on Colback nonwoven
Rick Tegelaar seeks new exciting possibilities for simple materials and techniques. With his pragmatic approach, he discovers new functional and aesthetic qualities in new material contexts.

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RUBEN VAN MEGEN, the Netherlands


Ruben van Megen presents Antimacassar III and Café 6116, both inspired by bygone interior trends. He illustrates how trends go through a cycle: rise, acceptance, decline and return.

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STUDIO HENK, the Netherlands

Studio HENK presents customisable Dutch design

We are Studio HENK, a Dutch furniture design studio. Inspired by daily moments, we make accessible, timeless furniture for everyday use.

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STUDIO KALFF, the Netherlands

Glass & Ceramic light collection

The new collection of lights from Studio Kalff are a mix of classic and contemporary design. The handmade, unique pieces combine ceramics, hand blown and vintage glass.

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the Netherlands

Radiolaria #1 – fragments of nature by Studio Lilian van Daal

Radiolaria is a new concept by Lilian van Daal for soft-seating inspired by nature’s laws. The 3D printed structures possess all functionalities for the foundation of a chair.

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the Netherlands

Studio Nienke Hoogvliet presents the Kaumera Kimono

Nienke Hoogvliet works on innovative and sustainable projects such as the Kaumera Kimono. She made dyes from sewage wastewater to colour a kimono as a statement against fast fashion.

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WOOL AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands

We design for the senses
High-end, sophisticated room dividers that absorb sound and appeal to your senses. Inspired by nature, handcrafted and made from high quality, natural wool felt.

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